Cards of the Seasons

Players will receive one card per character at check-in if the player purchases at least one build. These cards will be chosen randomly and in no order. 

These cards are trade-able to other players. However, they are used in quite a few places during the event so you might want to hold onto yours until at least the end of the event. 

These cards are not consumed on use but might be modified by interactions you have during the weekend. 

They can be used to gain access to areas matching the symbols you find. 

Some areas will only be accessible to players with 5 of a matching symbol or one of each symbol. The reasons for these requirements will be discovered during the event. 

Much like All Stubs, Hall Passes and New Seasons Cards, these collectables will be useful at most national events in the future and anything your local games can come up with regarding them. 

Cards of the Seasons copy banner.jpg

The Hall Pass

While the Nemesis have taken a devastating beating on the eastern coast, they are perfectly alive here. Those who posses a Hall Pass might be surprised what their passes might buy them, what it might let me them escape, or what it will let them do....

equinox image.png

Wall Work Stub

If you still have some of these hanging around, you never know when some old Veterans might be willing to teach those who have been through it all some skills they might not find other places. If you show these around to the Bar Tender ,you might be surprised by the drinks you get served that you paid for. If you're lucky, he'll tell ya to wait a sec and fetch one of his friends for you. 

Downfall Wall Work Stub.jpg

Poker Chips

IF you've received Poker chips in the form of Income at Equinox and you missed the time to use them, they will be able to be used here or at the winter event!

poker chips 1.png