Interested in what directors are running this Event?


Steven Myer (- Va/PA) 

Hey, everyone! I've staffed every single Deathcon / Downfall DR has ever had. I've put together the 2017 Equinox Event and the 2017 Uprise. This year, I'll be running this new summer event, Inferno, Downfall 2018, and The 2018 Winter event. If you need anything, I'm your guy!


CHeryl Wroblewski - VA Coord

Hey, everyone! I'll be doing the coordination for the event! If you need something, send it to our email and myself or Ian will get back to you as soon as possible!


Anthony Hill - PA Coord

I've been playing DR for almost 8 years and have experienced just about all of the national events across the network, I am looking forward to making sure your Inferno event is as smooth as it can be. 


caleb profile.jpg

Caleb Graham - VA StoryTeller

This is my first national event, and I'm looking forward to chasing everyone that attends through the woods.!