Hello everyone! We’re going to break down the Inferno Event for you today. In efforts to deliver the finest event possible we wanted to let everyone know how it’s going to shake out.


Time line of the Event.jpg

To start the event players will be sorted into two companies that are sponsoring them to help claim areas for fame and fortune. You won’t be forced to do the objectives and you aren’t isolated from anyone in the process.

Each group will have different priorities for what they are looking for in these areas. It’s up to you to claim and hold them. Once an area has been claimed it will open up resources or further adventures for those groups that have succeeded in their ventures. Some areas hold things neighboring factions require to provide you aid against the Unborn, some hold riches for your own consumption, some hold dangerous adventures where you get what you can take.


Forces will come in and snatch these areas away from players; some you can hold, some you can only hold for some time.

The Sun Setting: Our Goal is to have players running on a global clock for the weekend. When that sun sets, your choices will determine if you will survive to the next dawn. Choose wisely and manage your forces and your resources. Be careful of the deals you make and who you trust. We’ve divided the weekend into sections with clear goals for each player type.

All the plots and goals will be sent out will be to either hamper your survival or help your survival.


Realism: All Non-Zed, Non-raider NPC Characters will be KBA. That doesn’t mean all NPCs are psychopathic killers or are even remotely interested in starting a fight. But if you start a fight in the wastes, everyone fighting for survival expects repercussions. If you just shot a gun at a person or stabbed them with a sword, they aren’t going to take that very kindly.


When we are detailing the danger level of the Unborn and Natural Ones coming in, we are currently rating it at Extinction level. This means that unless things are done to resist this force, you’re going to have a bad time. Mechanics are provided to reduce the incoming forces, but it will be up to you to assemble it or not. You're also welcome to join the Unborn assuming you are willing to prove yourself.

The Plot is Malleable: If you want to change something, go along with something, help something awesome, then do that! If you don’t like something and want to change something or destroy something, also go do that. There is no overarching hand that is forcing the plot this event to proceed as it’s planned to. If you want to try and turn the plot on its head or change the direction the event is going, feel free. You will probably encounter some resistance or unexpected consequences both good and bad for doing so. The event itself is open to your adventures.