Event Information

If you're looking for event information, most of it is listed here! 

This event will be limited to 300, including staff and marshals for the weekend!

There is no limit to non-attending players!

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Interested in staffing or marshaling for the event? At the top, there is a tab with information. We'd love to have you!  

MAp Location

3338 Hwy 16 E, Ten Sleep, Wyoming 82442

Emergency Number for the Event: 307-366-2241



SLeeping AReas

The event will have mostly tenting space available or Non-Hookup RV spaces. If you need to hook up after game to dispose of waste, we will have that available. However, they are located center of the game play space and we won't be able to utilize them during the event. 

If you would like to set up a larger compound type deal, we'd love to help you out in coordinating it. 

Check In Skills

Check in Skills will be located in Physical Areas of the Campsite. Regardless of Ranks in the Skills if you find them they can be used. 

These are not tied to any NPC, Mods, or Time, they are out during the entirety of the event. 

Medical SLeeping

There will be sleeping spaces for those who need medical sleep. Notes need to be sent in to our email 2 weeks before the event. This is while space lasts. 

We will have a separate area for tenting and needing medical sleep. This is unlimited. 


What should I do for NPC?

NPC location is located on the map that has been provided.

This is the location to report to for your NPC block

Please arrive here 10 minutes before your block starts. 

Dress is basic blacks and no character make-up.

Do not arrive in your character's costume or street clothes. Zombies do not wear jeans and a band T-shirt. 

NPC’s are welcome to bring a water bottle, a snack, and any needed meds.

Do not Bring valuables, as we are not responsible for keeping track of them.

Do not bring your character sheet. You will check in and out of your shift with the marshal at the desk. 


The following link will bring you to the donations list we put up on Amazon. 


Local Named Scrap and Herb

White Mountian Laurel

Herb: Evergreen Bamboo

Herb: Red Baneberry

Able to be Scrounged or Purchased

Produce: Russet Nittenyork

Scrap: Tuscarora Heartwood

Scrap: Uranium

Scrap: Asbestos

Produce: Blood Leaf

Gizmo: High Quality Lumber

Produce: Pork Belly

Gizmo: Drift Plastic

Scrap: Blessed Steel

Scrap: Uncut Blood Stone

The Event itSelf

A quick rundown of the weekend:

If you're the type of person who'd like to know everything before hand as bullet point info, We got you!

You're Starting on a factions team.


  • You're clearing areas of zed and other threats with your team


  • You gain access to different mod areas depending on what areas your team holds. 


  • The daylight times of the event will be a count down timer to the invasion. Better secure those allies and get those defenses crafted up or those areas explored in time if you want any chance to survive. 


  • Then again, if you join the Natural Ones and Unborn who are threats you can't get killed by them?...right?


  • There are a million other side things to do that are not covered in this
Ingredients List.jpg

Acts of violence, torture, war-like scenarios, and character death. Camping, communal living spaces, dirt roads, focus on player character versus environment. Occasional player character versus player character conflict. Fog, explosive sounds/loud noises, low light, complete darkness, other visual hindrances. Attacks at night and night raids by antagonists. Non-player characters to represent both antagonists and friends. In-game disease, in-game religions and cults (no real-world religions are used), in-game mental illness (real psychological conditions are not used). Horror movie themes. Physically demanding modules and experiences that require running, climbing, jumping, or crawling. Simulated drug addiction (no actual drugs used). Simulated drunkenness (no actual alcohol used). Monstrous creatures such as giant insects, giant lizards, and wolf-like creatures (and more). Simulated environmental threats such as earthquakes, plagues, starvation, and droughts. Simulated, post-apocalyptic crafting and economy. Splatter modules (specific modules that warn players ahead of time). Strainism (A parallel to racism that does not use real world racist terms, but is used as a parallel for discrimination). Slavery (used primarily for antagonist content). Swearing. 24-hour character immersion (no “break” times).