What is inferno you ask?

Inferno is the new Summer National Event of Dystopia Rising! 

We are creating an event that is 100% driven by player actions. 

YOU are the event. We're just providing the backdrop. 

Oh, and one last thing. Your actions will determine what the Winter Event will be and what happens there, so no big deal. 

This event will take place in Ten Sleep, Wyoming and the event will allow players to choose the areas the want to play in, the goals they want to accomplish, and hopefully send you home with new, amazing stories. You will have the opportunity to meet new people and see who lives through the Inferno. 

Forest maybe.jpg

Greater Player Interaction

In an effort to encourage greater player interaction. We'll be providing with each ticket purchase a Unique Symbol that players will hold on to and those who have matching 5 set of symbols or a full set of each symbol. Can go on Unique adventures just for them. We're hoping those from other chapters can get to know each other more often!

Cards of the Seasons 1.jpg

Two Different Factions for Players to CHoose from!

Players will be sponsored to join one of two forces that are invading this area of the world. Players will be randomly assigned one force. While you may up up with different goals than your friend, you won't be in direct competition against them and some of the goals might be the same. We want to encourage you to meet up with new people and experience different adventures than you normally would. 

walking-away 3.jpg

We will also be having a separate area of the camp that will be showing off a new type of LARP experience that is one part Dystopia Rising and one part something very different.

Everyone who attends Inferno will have the opportunity to delve in to The Sunless Garden, a personal trip in to the Gravemind. 

The Sunless Garden is an experience unlike others. The apocalypse has come, the world whimpers on, but here beyond the need of physical form we reside in death. What do you do when the landscape is a nightmare formed by millions of insecurities? What do you do when the concept of "I" is slipping away into a sea of decay and entropy. 

What do you do when the world is dead hope is gone. 

This is The Sunless Garden.

A living nightmare where the fight isn't for survival, but instead a fight for self identity. Will you join the masses in their grave or will you find something worthwhile in yourself? 

We are finalizing the perfect place to turn into a livable necropolis for an emotional and psychological dive into nihilism.