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If you are interested in Joining Our Summer Camp we'd love to have you!

If you are chosen to join our camp as a Camper, You will need to fill out this form. 

we are taking applications starting now. We hope to have most people selected and approved by October 1st

Some Campers only stay a Summer, Some stay forever!

Name *
It's totally cool if you're not part of Dystopia Rising this event is open to everyone! But we want to make sure those that do get Service points for coming.
If you don't have one, just skip this.
Which type of camper are you? *
Tell Us about yourself! We might repeat some questions but somethings we just really want to know about you before you get here!
Have your parents ever left you somewhere? *
Responsible Parents Need not apply! We're just kidding!
Can you Cook? Have you ever cut yourself with a knife before? *
A good basis for home economics is important for any camper.
Exercise *
Here at Camp we promote healthy campers and we want to know your fitness level!
Singing and Dancing *
To round out our drama section at camp!