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If you are interested in Joining Our Summer Camp we'd love to have you!

If you are chosen to join our camp as a Camper, You will need to fill out this form. 

we are taking applications starting now. We hope to have most people selected and approved by July 1st

Some Campers only stay a Summer, Some stay forever!

(Feel Free to Fill this out so we know how many people are interested!)

Name *
Which type of camper are you? *
Tell Us about yourself! We might repeat some questions but somethings we just really want to know about you before you get here!
Have your parents ever left you somewhere? *
Responsible Parents Need not apply! We're just kidding!
Can you Cook? Have you ever cut yourself with a knife before? *
A good basis for home economics is important for any camper.
Exercise *
Here at Camp we promote healthy campers and we want to know your fitness level!
Singing and Dancing *
To round out our drama section at camp!
How Long Can you Stay Awake? *
We'd hate for the fun to run out before you do!
How Large is your Family? *
How large is your Family? Will the miss you or do you think they won't mind if you take some time away.