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Cliff’s End is one of the only settlements to survive the spread of the Overgrowth. Wedged between two mountains south of Yellstown, the people of Cliff’s End have carved out a niche for themselves within the wastes. They have strange mines where precious crystals and ores can be taken from its depths. They have rich fields and rivers filled with fish that allow them to largely live without want.


At the same time, though, the area is rife with strange activity. Psionically-linked undead and fungal growths plague the region. This is probably why Unborn are so common here; they are the ones that help keep the settlement safe. They’re the ones that can prevent the strange growths from overtaking the town.

About five years ago, the first outsiders came to the town. At first, the Natural Ones and Unborn that lived within Cliff’s End were eager to trade and barter over goods that came from the outside. They were interested in items that couldn’t be found within their settlement.

That all changed quickly, however. A group of individuals, calling themselves the Seekers, were interested in expanding the town. They saw the potential in harvesting crystals from the mines and from using the natural resources in the area. They wanted to expand Cliff’s End and turn it into a trading hub.


There was push back. A faction within the town grew, calling themselves the Descendants. Largely led by the Unborn in the region, they wanted to keep Cliff’s End free of outsiders.

Now, conflict reigns within the town as The Zenith Seekers and Decendants of the Scars try to each get the upper hand. Now, you’ve been hired by these factions to step in and give them the advantage.

Now is your time to choose.

Who will you side with?

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Dead Hand Tribe

The Overgrowth is dangerous at all times, but particularly at night. While creatures and undead wander at all times, the mysterious people of the Dead Hand Tribe only come out after the sun has set unless something pressing is at hand.

They can be recognized easily as their skin is covered in thick, white-grey ash from the charred ruins they leave in their wake, and are accented by black geometric patterns that represent their place in their tribe. Comprised of Unborn and Natural Ones, the Dead Hand Tribe believe in a nuanced version of the Seasons that follows the cycle of life and death.

Dead Hand Tribe.jpg

Rumor has it that the people of the Dead Hand Tribe will be ritualistically sacrificed during their “personal winter” and be reborn as a full member of their Tribe, donning the coating of ash and believing themselves to be one with the dead.

Their mannerisms mimic the undead that often lurk nearby, but for one reason or another will pass the Dead Hand by as if they were one with the horde.

The violence they inflict is quick, brutal, and merciless, razing caravans without uttering a word as they tear strains limb from limb by hand and gnashing mouth.

Snake Eye Clan

Snake Eye Tribe.jpg

The Snake-Eye clan calls the dangerous Overgrowth their home, and believe it to be the only home a worthy person can exist in. They clad themselves in the destroyed and re-purposed remains of travelers who move through the Overgrowth, taking what clothes and armor can be used directly and fashioning caravans, weapons and nick-knacks into tools of war. Seeing anyone who does not consider the Overgrowth their home as a weakness to the future of their own clan as they will one day succumb to the wilds, they slaughter anyone who hides behind “modern” technology. Living in the Overgrowth does not exempt one from the Snake-Eye Clan as they have a temperament much like the volatile serpents of the Overgrowth. It is not unheard of for another Natural One clan to fall ill or mysteriously begin foaming at the mouth from lethal toxins. The Snake-Eye Clan take credit for this, utilizing powerful venoms to disable their enemies in combat and snake their way through a settlements defenses from the inside out with well-executed poisons. It is believed these attacks are a proving ground for new tactics and the lethality of new concoctions.

Grave Fyre Family

A clan of warlike Final Knights, these Natural Ones turn the land they claim to ash. A wholly psionic tribe, the Grave-Fire Clan utilize psionic pyrokinesis to lay low their enemies and torch anything in their path.

Fyre Family.jpg

They believe that their flames are a gift from nature and their faith is meant to spread the hellish landscape that the world should truly be. Led by three powerful psions known as the Trident, the Grave-Fire Clan never settle, never sow, never look beyond consuming what they take and the flames. The Overgrowth quickly takes back the land they scorch, but as the Grave-Fire Clan’s numbers have swelled and the Trident learn from the past, more and more land, settlements, and people are succumbing to the fire which the life of the Overgrowth cannot reclaim quickly enough.

Without intervention, the Grave-Fire Clan look to be on track to burn their way out from the wilds of the Overgrowth and into the larger nearby settlements. Travelers have reported miles of burned land and claim that the pillars of fire and smoke reach the clouds when the burns of the Grave-Fire Clan begin.


The Maker

Marker Head Final.jpg

The Maker is an androgynous person who has been seen around the area for quite some time and has used this site as a both a place to resupply and to draw resources to fuel their experiments. 

They are a scientist that from all evidence rivals those in the wastes with their thirst for knowledge. They shape zed to their clients' demands and have made quite a reputation selling these modified creations to local warlords or vengeful people who want to get back at a person or a town. 

If you have the money or something they need, you could probably strike up a deal with this person as they often sell to the highest bidder. 

But not all the things they have done have been questionable; they have also created zed that act as a beacons to other zed and divert major concentrations that could have wiped out a town. They have created repeater zed to help with a harvest when there aren't enough hands. 


With their resources up for bid, they could swing this dispute either way...but be careful of what the unborn could do with them as a resource. 


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Shut Eye Mine.jpg

Shut Eye Mine

The mine holds many secrets. It’s said that it contains rare ores and minerals. Others say that in the deepest reaches, you can find strange, glowing gems that have formed. Even further, you may notice the strange, fungal material that grows along the walls and how Psions are affected in the area.

The truth of the matter is that the mine holds information and resources untold. Will you discover all of its secrets and treasures?

The Lost Way 2.jpg

The Lost Way

There are rumors of hidden paths that the local Natural Ones have managed to hide from the Unborn...secrets that remain undiscovered within the Lost Way.

Each person who has come to the region are given gifts to start on their journey if they so wish it. Many have started, some have gone far, but since it has started no one has claimed to have made it all the way through the maze.