Division Heads for the camp


Steven Myer

Hello, myself and a few others thought it would be a neat way to spend a weekend this year and we're throwing together this shindig for all of you. Many of you might not know this but i was a division head at a camp for 6 years and i can throw one heck of a camp adventure with a side of murder


Ian Powell

Hi! I’m Ian! Most folks don’t know that I was a Head Counselor out in the Hamptons on Long Island for about 3 years! It was possibly one of the best jobs in my life, and I can’t wait to share that experience with you!
When I was a kid, I went to summer camp, and I wanted to win a ring from the movie The Phantom. I didn’t win one because I wasn’t cool enough. Then I went and did magic for the talent show to try and get one, but one of the bullies knocked over my table when I went up to perform. The counselors felt bad and gave me a Phantom Ring. I lost it two weeks later.


Tom Kelly

Hey, I'm Tom!

Many people don't know but I went to sleep away camp for six years and I consider it the happiest times of my life. When this idea was pitched, I was instantly on board. I remember when one of the counselors hid under our cabin and made scratching noises on the floorboards while we were told scary stories. GOOD TIMES